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Welcome to my tumblr page... This is a composition of different ideas, thoughts, observations and just about anything under the sun. This is another way of reaching out and talking to you and as well as reasoning together. My page is open for sharing new learnings, appreciating each other and just uplifting one's spirit after a long, tiring and exhausting day! Since tumblr is a great avenue to share all these whether through your photos, compositions, etc, then let's make use of this to share memories together...


Pink touch (by manitarz)

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42-22401956 (by Steve Loop)

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DSC01658 (by mncmoon)




stripes rock!


I saw these on Glamour’s website and wanted to share them. A lot of these are more daring than I think most brides would want to be, but they’re beautiful nonetheless.

(My personal favorite of the group ^)

I especially love these because they’re not straight white. I’m not a big fan of white-white wedding dresses.

I want a bahay kubo or a tree house with something like /\

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